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An open study to measure imaging biomarkers and inflammatory cells, mediators and biomarkers from blood, urine and airway samples from healthy volunteers, asthma patients and COPD patients in stable disease and during acute exacerbation.

We do not fully understand the cause of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but if we can find out, it will help to design the best treatment for the disease. To do this we would like to collect and analyse samples of blood, sputum, and take measurements of lung function, from both patients with airway diseases and those who are healthy. All the tissue samples you have donated will be used in research by the Hospital and our research collaborators in other academic institutions and pharmaceutical research companies.

REC Ref: 08/H0406/189

Inclusion Criteria

For COPD patients:

-          Aged 40 or over

-          Diagnosis of COPD

For asthmatics:

-          Aged 18 or over

-          Diagnosis of asthma

For healthy controls:

-          Aged 18 or over.

-          Have a negative pregnancy test (if female)

-          Have normal lung function.

Exclusion Criteria

-          A history of or current active respiratory tuberculosis.

-          Known HIV infection.

-          Positive for hepatitis B or C.

-          Pregnancy.

-          Participation in an interventional clinical study.

-          Diagnosed as being α1-anti-trypsin deficient (PiZ).

Who to contact if you want more information

Catherine Borg and Clare Connolly (study Nurses)            Tel 01865 612928