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The NDM RB flow suite comprises two Cyans, one Fortessa and one Cat 3-abled MoFlo machines. The Mo-Flo is situated at the WIMM. The core users are the Groups on the First floor of NDM RB and the NDM RB groups nevertheless, all other users from Oxford University will be considered, but costs are likely to be higher and include VAT.

fortessa-x20-jpg.jfif cyan-adp-jpg.jfif
Fortessa X-20 BD                                                         AutoMACS Pro Miltenyi Cyan ADP Beckman-Coulter    

An autoMACS Pro is also available for all NDMRB Flow Cytometry users, this is located on the first floor of the Kennedy building, in the FACS facility. Contact Jonathan Webber for access.

 Registration flow chart

  1. Contact Drew Worth and Jakub Kopycinski to be given an induction and training session.
  2. If you do not already have access to the NDMRB you will require a building induction with Ross Macrae, please contact reception to book your training. 
  3. Access to machines is given after users have had two training session with Drew Worth (first is an introduction to the equipment and software and the second is to support the user in their first use of the machine). Users also get access to the booking system (via outlook shared calendar) once they are signed off.
  4. A Biosafety questionnaire is required for each project before access can be granted.
  5. Re-charging takes place at the end of each calendar month.

Flow Cytometry Suite Code of Practice

The Flow Cytometry is a CL2 laboratory and is embedded in a Tissue Culture facility. Users are asked to follow all the procedures of CL2 containment and waste as per building policy

Upkeep of the machine is provided by Andrew Worth, all reagents is provided by the Department, but consumables are at the cost of users.

Cyan ADP Detector block and Optical Filter Layout:


Fortessa Detector block and Optical Filter Layout: