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Within the first few weeks of your employment we aim to foster an understanding of the NDM Research Building, the campus and the University; its values and its diversity.

Induction for new employees in the NDM Research Building

The purpose of an induction programme is to help you make a successful and positive adjustment to your new role in the context of the NDM Research Building and division as a whole.

HR Induction

An HR staff member will meet with you on your first day to discuss your contract of employment and key HR policies and procedures.

Information regarding what to do when you are ill or want to book annual leave will be discussed, you will also be shown around the building to familiarise yourself with your new place of work.

Line Manager Induction

Your Line Manger will provide you with a more thorough induction and will spend time with you to discuss your role and what will be expected of you.

Longer term objectives for your probationary period may also be discussed.

Your Line Manager will also discuss the way your team works and how it is managed.

Probation for new employees at the NDM Research Building

As a new employee, your contract of employment will be subject to a probationary period. The purpose of the probationary period is to ensure that you are able, within a reasonable period of time, to gain a full understanding of the requirements of the post and to achieve a satisfactory level of performance.

Probationary periods are specified in letters of appointment when an employee joins the University from another organisation; and may also be appropriate where an existing employee is promoted to a higher grade, either within the current Department or elsewhere within the University. If you are unsure of your probationary period, please check with HR.

By way of example, if your probationary period is six months, you will have a probationary review at one month, three months and a final meeting at the six month stage.

Your Line Manager will carry out the meetings, but they are a two way process. The discussion regarding your performance and any objectives set will be documented. This paperwork will be submitted to HR confidentially and kept on your personnel file.

Further information regarding probation.