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In accordance with University Policy statement UPS S8/10 safety glasses must be worn:

  1. in laboratories during work with hazardous substances that could cause eye injury, during the assembly of experimental equipment and when connecting gas under pressure, or when modifying or working with glass apparatus;
  2. in all biological containment laboratories, or other ‘wet’ biological laboratories, where infectious material or hazardous substances are present, where dissections may be undertaken, where animals may be innoculated with micro-organisms, including genetically modified micro-organisms. The only exception to this rule is when using a microscope, but this must be situated away from wet work.
  3. Safety glasses must be worn when working at biological safety cabinets at all times. The sash on these cabinets is not sufficient protection

This is a University Policy statement and therefore must be adhered to, there is no negotiation in this ruling.

Continued ignoring of this rule may result in you being stopped from working in the lab and/or required to attend training sessions about lab safety before being allowed to start work in the lab again.

The NDMRB operates a "three strikes" policy - you will be reminded twice by Zuzana Bencokova, the building's Lab Manager, then your PI will be informed. If you continue to ignore the requirement for safety glasses your access to the building will be revoked and inductions will have to be completed again. Restricted access will then be granted until safety glasses are being worn in accordance with local and University rules.

If you require a pair of safety glasses the lab manager normally has plenty in stock. If you wear prescription glasses these are not sufficient protection and prescription safety glasses must be obtained (for further information please speak to Zuzana). If you would prefer to source your own safety glasses this is also acceptable.

You must also wear a lab coat at all times when working at the bench, the only exception is if you are passing through the main primary lab space.

If you have any questions about PPE and your responsibility please do not hesitate to contact the Lab Manager or the Safety Office.