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THE NDM Research Building houses scientific facilities which provide services for researchers across the University and also to external customers.

The facilities we have are:

High Throughput Screening Service - this facility is run by Daniel Ebner and his group and is a popular approach to target validation as it allows the assaying of a large number of potential biological modulators against a chosen set of defined targets. More details of the services offered, fees charged and how to book this service can be found on the HTS (Cellular High Throughput Screening) page of the TDI website. Any queries on this service should be directed to Daniel Ebner - Operational Cell Screening Officer.

Proteomics Service - this facility is run by Professor Benedict Kessler and his group, who have established a number of collaborations with clinical researchers on campus, which includes the development of proteomics based approaches for the discovery of potential prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers. More details of the services offered, the fees charged and how to book this service can be found on the Proteomics page of the TDI website. Any queries on this service should be directed to Roman Fischer- Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager.

Flow Cytometry Suite - The NDMRB Flow Cytometry Suite is situated on the first floor and is shared between the Immunology Groups and Translational Lung Immunology. It is part of the Old Road Campus Flow Cytometry Network, which joins up flow facilities at NDMRB, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and Oncology ORC Research Building.

The Suite has three machines - LSRFortessa X20(Blue 488-nm, Yellow-Green 561 nm, Red 633-nm and Violet 405-nm) with the capacity of detecting up to 14 colour and two CyAn ADP 9 Colours, 11 parameters (FSC, SCC, FL1-FL9) with 405nm, 488 nm and 642 nm solid-state lasers and two fluorescent channels.  There is also a Beckman Coulter MoFlo cell with laminar flow hood for Containment Level 3 sorting at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. Usage for all machines is booked and paid for though the NDMRB.  Assisted use on the analysis machines is not currently provided, although the MoFlo sorting is performed by the Flow Facility Manager Drew Worth, and the Principal Investigator overseeing the facility is Professor Persephone Borrow.

If you have any queries or wish to book a slot on one of the analysis machines please contact Drew Worth in the first instance. All users will have to go through an induction session, and show evidence of experience and training. The booking can be done via the booking calendar below.  

FACS Equipment Booking Calendar - When making your booking please ensure you put your name, email address and the Purchase Order number raised by you so we can charge for the service. If you are unsure of what you need to do for this please email

Costs for all internal users of the service are also below:

FACS Service Fees

Equipment Cost per hour
Beckmann Coulter CyAn £35
BD LSRFortessa X-20 £35
MoFlo £100