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Comark Monitoring System

The freezers and cryo stores temperatures are monitored by the 'Comark' system. You can access the comark monitoring system at the following web address:

Second floor and TDI

First floor labs

Within this website you can acknowledge alarms, change settings, add or remove probes, add or remove people etc etc. The instruction manuals are also available on the website at the top of the monitoring screen.

The instruction manuals can also be found on the following link R500 Webview Help

Most people are given basic 'rights' on the site which means they can access freezers allocated to their groups and acknowledge alarms. You will be sent an email with your log on details by your lab manager that you may need in the instance that you need to log on to the system, please keep this email for easy access if you ever need to log on to the system. If you are a comark user you will need to be able to VPN from your home computer for in case of an alarm. Then you can log on to the system and view what is occurring. This email will also contain a list of people who are responsible for each freezer and they should be called in the event of an alarm. It is advised that you print all of this information off and keep it at home so you can contact those responsible for the freezer.

Instructions for setting up VPN on computers, smart phones and tablets can be obtained from the IT services website here: VPN Oxford Configuration

When a freezer is in alarm

There is a sequence of events that happen when a freezer goes into alarm. The first thing the comark system will do is ring a list of people that are allocated to a gateway. People are allocated spaces 1-5 and this is the order that the system will call. The first spot is occupied by the lab manager who will log on to Comark, see which freezer is in alarm and call the appropriate person.

If the person in position 1 does not pick up the call Comark will ring person in position 2, then 3 and so on.

In the event of power failure or you cannot contact anyone else please call Darren Blase 07791212866 or Ross McRae 07967449882

If you pick up the call a recorded message will say 'this is a freezer alarm, press the hash key to acknowledge the alarm', by pressing the hash key you acknowledge the alarm on your phone but you must log on to the system to stop the alarm. However, if you log on to Comark and see that a freezer is in trouble you must ring the responsible person for that freezer. If you cannot contact the people allocated to the freezer you must go to the NDMRB, source the freezer and move the contents to the building spare (this is located on the TDI floor). You must email the group to let them know that this has happened as the building spare are not temperature monitored. If you have succeeded in contacting someone from that group you must tell them which freezer is in alarm and then you can acknowledge the alarm on the system. In the comments section please state who you contacted, the date and time. Please ask the person contacted to stick a sign on the faulty freezer indicating that it is being dealt with as the freezers factory alarm will continue to sound if the freezer is not turned off.

If you are on the list that comark will call or you are on a list of responsible people for a freezer then you must let the lab manager know if you will be on leave so that arrangements can be made to cover you during this time. 

You can drive to site if you are called out - please put a sign on your dashboard that reads ‘Emergency Call out NDMRB’, remember to sign in and out of the building if you are called out of hours.

NDMRB Freezer map - quick reference

The NDMRB freezers have all been allocated an animal or name for quick and easy reference. This also allows anyone from outside the NDMRB to quickly identify a freezer and who to contact in the event of a breakdown, it also allows changes to be made easily via the comark system. There is a list of contacts physically in the freezer room and it is attached to this email for your reference.

In the event of a breakdown you must contact the people allocated to each freezer in the order in which they are listed. If you cannot contact anyone from the list then contact the lab manager and then you must go to the NDMRB, source the freezer and move the contents to the building spare.

If you are the contact for a freezer you must deal with the failed freezer immediately. If there is no obvious reason for the drop in temperature or the freezer has completely failed, then the contents must be transferred in to the buildings freezer if there is room. The back up freezer is NOT temperature monitored. Therefore you must put contact numbers on the front of the freezer which you are using and then contact the buildings team and/or the lab manager to let them know you are using the backup freezer.

If a cryo freezer is in alarm you must treat this as a failure - the contents must be transferred in to an alternative freezer.  You must have someone with you when you do this as if it is out of hours you must not work alone. You again must make a note of where the contents has been moved to and contact the groups that are concerned. In the event of a room failure then the buildings manager and lab manager must be called.