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Mycoplasma Testing

There is a mycoplasma testing service offered by the NDM Research Building. Routine testing is scheduled for the first Thursday of each month (unless otherwise stated).

If you require the use of this service please fill in the request form below. An email confirming your request and the scheduled testing date will be sent on receipt of this form.

Requests must be received by Tuesday at 4pm to be tested the same week. Results are provided by the end of the day on a Friday.

The current schedule is as follows (I will alert you to any changes):

Last Date for Requests Test Date Results
Tuesday 3rd March Thursday 5th March before 12th March
Tuesday 31st March Thursday 2nd April before 9th April
Tuesday 5th May Thursday 7th May before 14th May
Tuesday 2nd June Thursday 4th June before 11th June
Tuesday 30th June Thursday 2nd July before 9th July
No testing in August or September 2020


Brief Outline

Testing is conducted using LONZA's MycoAlert Plus detection kit and BMG Labtech PHERASTAR FS multiplate light reader. MycoAlert Plus is a selective biochemical luminescence assay that exploits the activity of certain mycoplasmal enzymes. The BMG luminescence protocol detects the increase or decrease of relative fluorescence intensity caused during the breakdown of luciferin after the introduction of the reagent before the first reading and the substrate before the second reading. If the ratio between the second and first is <0.99 then the sample is negative, if it is >1.2 this sample is positive, between these two values and the sample may need to be retested. If you know your samples may contain luciferin this test is not the correct way to test for mycoplasma as the reagents used will create, a potential, false positive.

You will need to provide us with 1mL of spun down supernatant (preferably in a 1.5ml tube) from >90% confluent cells that have been grown in antibiotic free media at least 72 hours prior to extracting your sample. Please leave your samples in the cold room collection point on your floor. Supernatant needs to be fresh and ready to be tested on the morning of the scheduled test day.

Recharge cost

There is a set price for each sample and the positive and negative controls used during each test are divided equally between requestors that month. Charges are calculated and then recharged to your grant code at the end of the month. If you would like a break down of the cost please contact Chris Dodd who will outline how they are apportioned. If necessary, charges can be provided with your results.


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