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 New & Expectant Mothers        

It is accepted that many hazards exist, that can cause problems to some women during pre-conception, pregnancy and after delivery. It is therefore imperative that such hazards are identified within the work place and that all relevant information is communicated to employees. 

To complete the risk assessment, please contact NDMRB Laboratory Manager.       

  • NDMRB-POL-004 New or expectant mother guidance notes  
  • NDMRB-RA-070 New and Expectant Mothers at Work  general risk assessment  

  • NDMRB-RA-046 New and Expectant Mothers for Individual risk assessment template for lab based workers

      NDM General Guidance & Risk Assessment        

      University Occupational Health Services web page: new/expectant mothers        

      HSE web resources: New & Expectant Mothers