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Training Records

All employees, students and visitors/collaborators are required to fill in their training records to record they have read, understood and will abide by the SOPs and RAs in place in the NDMRB. You will be given a training record form during the inductions.

Building induction

Upon starting working in the NDMRB, each staff member and student is required to undertake a building induction as well as a lab induction.

  • Building Induction: held every Tuesday at 9.15am by Ross Macrae, Basement Meeting Room

Laboratory General Induction

New staff and students will be forwarded to Zuzana Bencokova, the Buildings Lab Manager for the relevant laboratory induction:

  • Laboratory Inductions are held on Tuesdays at 9.45am by Zuzana in the Basement Meeting Room
  • Access to the liquid nitrogen facility is given after completion of an LN2 practical training session which is held on an ad-hoc basis by Zuzana in the LN2 facility.