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Procedure for arranging the work experience in the NDMRB.

Host to ensure the NDMRB Personnel and the Departmental Safety Officer / NDMRB Laboratory Manager are informed about the work experience well in advance before the student starts work.

The NDMRB provides a Procedure and Risk Assessment template (below) for those wishing to host work experience students and other young persons.

  • Procedure for hosting work experience students NDMRB-SOP-077
  • Work Experience Risk Assessment NDMRB-RA-032
  • Work Experience Student form WES

Completed and signed WES and NDMRB-RA-032  is sent to the NDMRB Personnel and to the Departmental Safety Officer / NDMRB Laboratory Manager.

The host / supervisor should review and consider University Policy Statement S01/13 and HSE indg364 'Young people and work experience' before completing the Student Work Experience RA.

Persons planning to host work experience students are encouraged to discuss their activities with the Departmental Safety Officer / NDMRB Laboratory Manager.