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All employees, officers of the University and others with responsibility for the administration or management of funds held by the University, must comply with these regulations and meet the financial control requirements of any financial processes made under these regulations. The financial regulations include statements on the following issues:

  • Financial Planning and Reporting obligations
  • Authorisation Limits
  • Purchasing guidelines
  • The requirements for the correct management of Research Projects, Grants and Contracts
  • Banking and Cash
  • Risk Management and Assurance
  • Ethical Behaviour

This is not an exhaustive list and there is no substitute for reading the regulations for yourself. These regulations provide helpful guidance and as they change from time to time it is wise to refer to them reasonably often so that you are up to date with current best practice.

Staff should also be aware of the anti-fraud and conflict of interest sections of the regulations.

Bribery and Fraud Policy

Members of staff, students or other individuals who reasonably suspect bribery or fraud in the University should report their concerns as soon as possible to the Director of Finance or the Registrar, providing a brief description of the alleged irregularity, the loss or potential loss involved, and any evidence supporting the allegations of irregularity or identifying the individual or individuals responsible.

Any report will be treated as a disclosure under the University’s policy and procedure on Public Interest Disclosure and as such will be brought to the attention of the Registrar, who will decide on the procedure to be adopted.

Conflicts of Interest

University employees and others with responsibility for the administration or management of University funds must not use their authority or office for personal gain, and must always seek to uphold ethical standards and enhance the reputation of the University.