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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various activities carried out within the NDM Research Building can be found on these pages. If there is no risk assessment for your work on this page you must speak to the DSO and Laboratory Manager (Zuzana Bencokova) before you commence your work.

Standard Operating Procedures - Office based guidance

 NDMRB-POL-005 Display Screen Equipment (Replaces TDI-SOP-006 Display Screen Equipment)

 NDMRB-POL-007 Headphone Policy (Replaces TDI-SOP-022 Headphone Policy)

Standard Operating Procedures - Lab based guidance

NDMRB-SOP-001 Safe Movement and Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders

NDMRB-POL-008 CL2 Laboratory Rules (Replaces TDI-SOP-002 TDI Laboratory Rules)

  • University Policy Safety rules for laboratories where there is a risk of chemical exposure UPS S3/01

NDMRB-POL-006 Handling and storage of waste (Replaces TDI-SOP-003 Handling and storage of waste)

University Safey Policy UPS S5/11

NDMRB-SOP-003 Lone working in the NDMRB

NDMRB-SOP-004 Handling and Use of Chemicals

  • TDI-GI-003 New hazard symbols vs. old hazard symbols

NDMRB-SOP-005 Handling, Storage and Use of Liquid Nitrogen

  • NDMRB-SOP-005c Manual Decant of Liquid Nitrogen (see Lab Manager)

NDMRB-SOP-006 Use and handling of Dry Ice

NDMRB-SOP-007 Handling of Biological Material

  • University referral form to Occupational Health (HS1 form)

NDMRB-SOP-008 Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers

  • University Safety Policy Storage of Flammable Liquids UPS S1/05

NDMRB-SOP-009 Use of Laboratory Centrifuges

NDMRB-POL-009 Cold room use (Replaces TDI-SOP-010 Cold Room Use)


NDMRB-SOP-011 New and Expectant Mothers at Work


NDMRB-SOP-013 Working with Open Flames and Bunsen Burners

NDMRB-SOP-014 Using Incubators within the NDMRB

NDMRB-SOP-015 Dry shipping procedure

NDMRB-SOP-016 Taking blood in the NDMRB


NDMRB-SOP-018 Safe use of ULT freezers

NDMRB-SOP-019 Safe use of the autoclave in the CL3 suites

NDMRB-SOP-022 Flow Cytometry Code of Practice

NDMRB-SOP-023 Buddy System

NDMRB-SOP-024 Room tours and visits

NDMRB-SOP-025 CS-infused media **COMING SOON**

NDMRB-SOP-026 Manual Handling

NDMRB-SOP-027 Chemical Weapons Declaration **COMING SOON**

NDMRB-SOP-028 Ammonia Gas

NDMRB-SOP-029 Shipping of Infectious and Biological substances

NDMRB-SOP-030 Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) storage monitoring system  

NDMRB-SOP-031 NDMRB Liquid Nitrogen and -80 Freezer Emergency Procedures and Failure Protocol

NDMRB-SOP-032 Guidelines for the safe handling of Azides

NDMRB-SOP-033 Use of the microtome

NDMRB-SOP-034 Working in the Chemistry section

NDMRB-SOP-035 Ethidium Bromide and Crystal Violet

NDMRB-SOP-036 Tissue processing in the Kessler group

NDMRB-SOP-037 Use of the peptide synthesizer

NDMRB-SOP-038 Common Chemistry Procedures

NDMRB-SOP-039 Display Screen Equipment - DSE

NDMRB-SOP-040 Good pipetting techniques

NDMRB-SOP-041 Shared TC facilites in the NDMRB

NDMRB-SOP-042 Cyanogen Bromide

NDMRB-SOP-043 Processing of tissue samples within the Mass Spectrometry Research group