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To work with Radiation in the NDMRB you must:

trifoil.jfifContact our Senior Radiation Protection Supervisor (SRPS) -Zuzana Bencokova and Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) - Elena Brenna. The radiation suite is managed and cared for by the SRPS and RPS, therefore to work in the suite you must make them aware of the protocol you intend to carry out and which isotopes (open sources) you are planning to use.

Register as a radiation worker by filling in the 'University of Oxford Registration form for Radiation Workers'. This is submitted to the University Safety Office via your SRPS.

Attend a safety lecture ( (Radiation Safety for Laboratory Workers - compulsory) and read the NDMRB Local Rules 2019.

Read NDMRB-POL-016 Local rules for work with radioactive materials and NDMRB-POL-015 Minimising the environmental impact of work with radioactivity (BAT statement).

Minimising the environmental impact of work with

radioactivity (BAT statement)

Protocol and the related risk assessment will be assessed by the SRPS, who will ensure that suitable limits are in place for the isotope and waste stream.

Users will then undergo a local radiation induction by the SRPS and the RPS before being given access to the suite.

Your supervisor will train you in the protocols you will use.

- There are two irradiators available for use. Contact the Oncology Department (James Thompson) or  the John Radcliffe Hospital (Adam Lambert or Joanna Hester) to register. Users will then undergo an induction and training before being given access to the irradiator.

Approved Protocols:





Relevant documents:




Delacriox et al Radionuclide and Radiation protection data handbook 2002      

Inspections and meetings:




Meeting minutes