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The Human Resources team will able to help you in all aspects of your recruitment from writing your job description to advertising the post. If you need a new post please come discuss it with Sarah Spruytenburg in the first instance.

Job Description template

You will find a bank of job descriptions created for NDM roles within SharePoint. If you wish to have access to these job descriptions, please email Sarah Spruytenburg.


Oxfile is a large file exchange service which is an easy and secure way to share large documents e.g. application packs, with colleagues. To use you need your Oxford Single Sign on and password or you can access this service through the link below:


Staff are reminded of the need for absolute discretion when sharing and discussing applicant data.

The document below is meant as a guidance document for those people who sit on interview panels.

Guidance on interview format

In addition to this the Oxford Learning Institute runs a formal training course on recruitment and selection, as well as a course on interview techniques.

Note: The Recruitment and Selection training course is mandatory for those wishing to chair selection panels.

Guidance on right to work checks for visitors