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Research groups

Joakim Esbjörnsson


Post‐doctoral Research Scientist

Dr. Joakim Esbjörnsson is a Post‐doctoral Research Scientist working in the HIV immunology and Global Health group within the Nuffield Department of Medicine. His research is highly translational in using state-of-the-art bioinformatics and phylogenetics to simultaneously associate clinical, immunological and viral evolutionary data from acute HIV infection to increase our understanding of how host responses and viral escape mechanisms regulate HIV disease progression. He has an MSc in Biomedicine and a PhD in Virology from Lund University in Sweden, and a previous postdoctoral training with Dr. Philippe Lemey at the REGA Institute, Belgium between 2011 and 2012. During 2012, Dr. Esbjörnsson was awarded a prestigious International Post-doctoral Fellowship from the Swedish Research Council and has been working with Prof Sarah Rowland‐Jones’ Group in Oxford since 2013.

Key publications

  • Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Kvist A, Isberg PE, Nowroozalizadeh S, Biague AJ, da Silva ZJ, Jansson M, Fenyö EM, Norrgren H, Medstrand P. Inhibition of HIV-1 disease progression by contemporaneous HIV-2 infection. New England Journal of Medicine (2012) 19;367(3):224-32.
  • Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Kvist A, Isberg PE, Biague AJ, da Silva ZJ, Jansson M, Fenyö EM, Norrgren H, Medstrand P. Increased survival among HIV-1 and HIV-2 dual-infected individuals compared to HIV-1 single-infected individuals. AIDS. (2014) Apr 24;28(7):949-957.
  • Mild M, Gray RR, Kvist A, Lemey P, Goodenow MM, Fenyö EM, Albert J, Salemi M, Esbjörnsson J*, Medstrand P*. High intrapatient HIV-1 evolutionary rate is associated with CCR5-to-CXCR4 coreceptor switch. Infection, Genetics and Evolution. (2013) May 11. *Equal contribution as senior authors.
  • Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Martínez-Arias W, Vincic E, Biague AJ, da Silva ZJ, Fenyö EM, Norrgren H, Medstrand P. Frequent CXCR4 tropism of HIV-1 subtype A and CRF02_AG during late-stage disease--indication of an evolving epidemic in West Africa. Retrovirology (2010) Mar 22;7:23.
  • Esbjörnsson J, Mild M, Audelin A, Fonager J, Skar H, Bruun Jørgensen L, Liitsola K, Björkman P, Bratt G, Gisslén M, Sönnerborg A, Nielsen C, SPREAD/ESAR Programme, Medstrand P, Albert J. HIV-1 transmission between MSM and heterosexuals and increasing proportions of circulating recombinant forms in the Nordic countries. Virus Evolution (2016), in press.