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Gian Filippo Ruda


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Gian Filippo Ruda graduated in Organic Chemistry at the University of Sassari in 2002. During his thesis project he worked on the synthesis of peptides supported on polyethylene glycol under the supervision of Prof. Maurizio Taddei (University of Siena).

In February 2002 he joined the group of Prof. Ian Gilbert at the Welsh School of Pharmacy in Cardiff (UK) where he worked on the synthesis of inhibitors of the enzyme dUTPase for the treatment of infectious diseases. During his PhD study he spent few months at the Pharmacy Department of the Brighton University under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Yves Maillard. In July 2005 he received his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry.

In August 2005 Dr. Ruda moved with Prof. Gilbert to the Division of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery of the University of Dundee (UK) where he worked as postdoctoral medicinal chemist collaborating to several projects on the field of neglected diseases in particular Human African Trypanosomiasis, Malaria and Aspergillosis. He also collaborated with Prof. Andrew Hopkins (University of Dundee) to test the proof-of -concept of new computational methods for rationally design of multi-target drugs with polypharmacology.

Gian Filippo Ruda joined the Department of Drug Discovery and Development D3 at the IIT in June 2010 as Senior Postdoc, until June 2013.

Then, he joined Prof. Paul Brennan Group at the Target Discovery Institute, focussing his research interests in lysine demethylase (KDM) inhibitors as novel epigenetic chemical probes.