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Christopher Dodd

Building Laboratory Manager

Christopher is a key member of the building’s Facilities team.

The Facilities team is the main support network setup to help run the daily operation of the Building and it's laboratories. Working under the guidance of both the Building & Facilities Manager and Building's Laboratory Manager, Christopher ensures that both aspects of the building are able to run as smoothly as possible. This in turn provides a service that allows all of the building's occupants to work to the best of their abilities.

Christopher works with the Buildings & Facilities Officer to help rectify building related issues, Health & Safety matters, problem solve equipment faults, respond to reactive failures/breakdowns and  coordinate & arrange building run contracts as well as managing the service engineers & external contractors associated with these contracts. Together with the Laboratory Support, Christopher also oversees the running of the building's Autoclave and Glasswash Facility.

He is also a part of the NDMRB Green Impact team, The team was setup to help produce initiatives that will reduce the building's overall carbon footprint, whilst also giving a voice to the building's occupants on eco-friendly matters and concerns. The key goal is to help drive our working environment towards a sustainable, efficient and carbon reduced future.