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Research groups

Bethany Grace Charlton


DPhil Student

I completed my undergraduate Masters degree at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London in Applied Bioveterinary Research in 2016. During my time at the RVC, I completed an Undergraduate Summer Vacation Research Scholarship with the Anatomical Society in Professor Andrew Pitsillides laboratory. I completed my Masters year in industry at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) where I studied the antigenic profile of poliovirus serotype 2 using next generation sequencing (NGS) under the expert guidance of Dr Javier Martin. I continued to work at the NIBSC following graduation doing neurovirulence testing of oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) and helped run an international collaborative study to examine how NGS could be used for the molecular characterisation of poliovirus vaccines in the endgame of the eradication initiative. 

I joined Professor Rowland-Jones' group in 2018 for my DPhil on an NDM Prize Studentship to study the immunological and genetic correlates of delayed HIV-1 disease in Zimbabwean children and adolescents. My main focus is on the contribution of HLA class I polymorphisms and HIV-1 drug resistance to slow disease progression in this cohort. 


J. Martin, K. Chumakov, J. Hockley, T. Wilton, L. Crawt, M. Majumdar, E. Mee, B. Valdazo-Gonzalez,
NGS Study Group, M. Preston, P. Rigsby and B. Charlton. Report on the WHO collaborative
study to investigate the utility of next generation sequencing (NGS) as a molecular test of virus
stocks used in the manufacture of Poliovirus vaccine (Oral). WHO Expert Committee on
Biological Standardisation, 2019.