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Xiaodong Zhuang (Alan)


Circadian regulation of viral infection and pathogenesis


Xiaodong Zhuang, Andrea Magri, Michelle Hill, Alvina G. Lai, Abhinav Kumar, Srinivasa Bhargav Rambhatla, Claire L. Donald, Andrea F. Lopez-Clavijo, Simon Rudge, Katherine Pinnick, Wai Hoong Chang, Peter A. C. Wing, Ryan Brown, Ximing Qin, Peter Simmonds, Thomas F. Baumert, David Ray, Andrew Loudon, Peter Balfe, Michael Wakelam, Sam Butterworth, Alain Kohl, Catherine Jopling, Nicole Zitzmann, Jane A. McKeating, The circadian clock components BMAL1 and REV-ERBα regulate flavivirus replication, Nature Communications, 2019, 10(1): p. 377.

Xiaodong Zhuang, Peter Balfe and Jane A McKeating, It’s all a matter of timing: Virus replication and circadian rhythms, Nature Research Microbiology Community, 2019

Peter Wing, Tamara Davenne, Jochen Wettengel, Alvina Lai, Xiaodong Zhuang, Anindita Chakraborty, Valentina D'Arienzo, Catharina Kramer, Chunkyu Ko, James Harris, Sabrina Schreiner, Martin Higgs, Stephanie Roessler, Joanna Parish, Ulrike Protzer, Peter Balfe, Jan Rehwinkel, and Jane McKeating, A dual role for SAMHD1 in HBV cccDNA synthesis and RT-dependent particle genesis, Life Science Alliance, 2019

Yuzhu Cheng, Zhanlun Ou, Qingguo Li, Juan Yang, Min Hu, Yubin Zhou, Xiaodong Zhuang, Zhenyu Jason Zhang and Shixia Guan, Cabazitaxel liposomes with aptamer modification enhance tumor targeting efficacy in nude mice. Mol Med Rep, 2019. 19(1): p. 490-498.

Lai, A. G., D. Forde, W. H. Chang, F. Yuan, X. Zhuang, C. Orbegozo Rubio, C. X. Song and J. A. McKeating,  Glucose and glutamine availability regulate HepG2 transcriptional responses to low oxygen, Wellcome Open Research, 2018, 3: 126.

Zhuang, X., A. G. Lai, J. A. McKeating, I. Rowe and P. Balfe, Daytime variation in hepatitis C virus replication kinetics following liver transplant, Wellcome Open Research, 2018, 3: 96.

Xiaodong Zhuang*, Srinivasa Bhargav Rambhatla, Alvina Lai, Jane A McKeating, Interplay between circadian clock and viral infection, *Corresponding author, Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2017

Zhuang X, Bicknell R, Book chapter: Development of Antibody-Based Vaccines Targeting the Tumor Vasculature. Book Chapter in Methods in Molecular Biology, 2016, 1403:839-49. 

Victor Trevino, Alberto Cassese, Zsuzsanna Nagy , Xiaodong Zhuang , John Herbert , Philipp Antzack , Kim Clarke , Nicholas Davies , Ayesha Rahman, Moray J. Campbell , Michele Guindani, Roy Bicknell, Marina Vannucci and Francesco Falciani, A Network Biology Approach Identifies Molecular Cross-talk between Normal Prostate Epithelial and Prostate Carcinoma Cells, PLOS Computational Biology, 2016, Apr 28;12(4):e1004884

Zhuang X, Ahmed F, Zhang Y, Ferguson H, Steele JC, Steven NM, Nagy ZS, Heath VL, Toellner KM, Bicknell R., Robo4 vaccines induce antibodies that retard tumor growth. Angiogenesis, 2015, Jan;18(1):83-95

Xiaodong Zhuang, John Herbert, Puja Lodhia, James Bradford, Alice Turner, Paul Newby, David Thickett, U Naidu, David Blakey, Simon Barry, Darren Cross and Roy Bicknell, Identification of novel vascular targets in lung cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 2015, Feb 3;112(3):485-94

Yong Zheng, Greg Parsonage, Xiaodong Zhuang, Lee R Machado, Christine H. James, Asmaa Salman, Peter F. Searle, Edwin P. Hui, Anthony T.C. Chan, Steven P. Lee, Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) A*1101-restricted Epstein-Barr virus-specific T-cell receptor gene transfer to target Nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Cancer Immunology Research, 2015, Oct;3(10):1138-47

Noy PJ, Lodhia P, Zhuang X, Khan K, Ward DG, Verissimo AR, Bacon A, Bicknell R, Blocking CLEC14A-MMRN2 binding inhibits sprouting angiogenesis and tumour growth. Oncogene, 2015, Nov 19;34(47):5821-31

Xiaodong Zhuang, Baksho Kaul, Michael Bentley, Zsuzsanna Nagy, Enrico Giraudo, Gavin Bendle, David Gilham, Roy Bicknell, Steven P. Lee. Immunotherapy using genetically modified T lymphocytes to target CLEC14A on the tumor vasculature. Conference paper, Cancer Research, 2014 Oct 10.1158/1538-7445

Mura M, Swain RK, Zhuang X*, Vorschmitt H, Reynolds G, Durant S, Beesley JF, Herbert JM, Sheldon H, Andre M, Sanderson S, Glen K, Luu NT, McGettrick HM, Antczak P, Falciani F, Nash GB, Nagy ZS, Bicknell R., Identification and angiogenic role of the novel tumor endothelial marker CLEC14A. Oncogene, 2012. Jan 19;31(3):293-305 (*Joint first author)

Zhuang X, Cross D, Heath VL, Bicknell R., Shear stress, tip cells and regulators of endothelial migration. Biochem. Soc. Trans, 2011, Dec;39(6):1571-5

Zhuang X, Front cover of Biochemical Society Transactions, Volume 39 part 6, December 2011. Induction of filopodia by CLEC14A. Biochem. Soc. Trans, 2011

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