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Methods to allow the clean preparation of oligosaccharides were investigated using techniques that do not require conventional column chromatography or an aqueous work-up. The route was designed to provide rapid access to oligosaccharides and is suitable for automation and parallel library formation. The research has focused on the glycosidations of a range of glycosyl acceptors with various selenophenyl glycosyl donors using iodine as an activator in the presence of DTBMP, a hindered organic base. Hydroxyl-containing contaminants were removed by scavenging with polymer-supported tosyl chloride.


Journal article


Org Biomol Chem

Publication Date





2029 - 2031


Carbohydrate Sequence, Combinatorial Chemistry Techniques, Glycosides, Glycosylation, Iodine, Molecular Sequence Data, Oligosaccharides, Tosyl Compounds