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Please review the following guidelines before placing a requisition over £1000.  If you have any queries on these procedures please contact the Accounts Department.

The University's purchasing financial regulations

Goods & Services over £100,000 excluding VAT

A tender managed by the University Purchasing Department must be conducted. Departments provide specification details and manage the technical evaluation and contract with the selected supplier. Where appropriate tenders are published and advertised through the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, also known as TED, Tender Electronic Daily. All our tenders are electronic, web-based and managed through our hosted E-Tenders website.

Goods & Services between £25,000 and £100,000 excluding VAT

A full tender procedure must be run by the Department.  The University Purchasing Department offers a free e-tendering management service up to the point where bids are received. End users still manage their own technical evaluation and supplier selection. Any Department who conducts their own tender should first read the Tender Process web page.

Goods & Services between £1,000 and £25,000 excluding VAT

There is no requirement to obtain a quote when use is made of preferred suppliers who have a catalogue or hosted site in Marketplace or have signed a University agreement. For information on Preferred Suppliers and Contracts.

For all other suppliers two or more written quotations must be sought. The quotations must be in writing (either supplier headed paper, fax or email) and the goods or services required should be described in sufficient detail to enable a department to raise a Purchase Order ahead of making any commitment to the supplier. Adequate time must be allowed for suppliers to prepare their quotations.

If a department wants to re-order the same goods from the same supplier within a period of 30 days from receiving the supplier's original quotation then departments should contact the supplier and ascertain whether further discounts are available for additional quantities or ascertain if the quoted price is still valid for additional orders.