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Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe wins Massry Prize

Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe wins Massry Prize

Posted 04/10/2018

  Magdalen Fellow Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe has won the Massry Prize for his elucidation of cellular oxygen sensing pathways and the implications for medicine.  Sir Peter is currently Director of the Target Discovery Institute, and a Member of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and the Academy of ...

Novel cancer treatment resistance mechanism uncovered

Novel cancer treatment resistance mechanism uncovered

Posted 02/08/2018

BRCA1 deficiencies cause breast and ovarian cancer, rendering tumours hypersensitive to PARP inhibitors. Patient treatment can become ineffective due to emerging resistance mechanisms. Ross Chapman’s team at the Welcome Centre has uncovered a protein complex termed Shieldin that acts with 53BP1 to limit end resection at DNA double-strand breaks, which confers resistance to cancer treatment.

Sarah Bonham, Roman Fischer and Benedikt Kessler from the TDI were part of this study published in Nature.

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