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NDMRB 1.pngThe Nuffield Department of Medicine Research Building (pictured left) is a new medical research building on the Old Road Campus. This £22M new building is part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine and will allow development of the Target Discovery Institute and expansion of existing research groups of NDM with research synergies such as Viral Immunology.  

The building is 5,300 sq m (GIA) of laboratory and office space housing some 160 research and support staff.

The Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health in Oxford is situated in the New Richards Building and provides a UK administrative and support base for the Major Overseas Programmes in KenyaThailand and Vietnam as well as their associated regional units. The Centre also houses academic groups, TGHN OHSCAR, ERGO WWARN, IDDO and ISARIC which are spread across its two locations which are the NDMRB and the Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research (South Parks Road).  Further information can be found on the Oxford Centre for Global Health Research Website.

Ludwig Centre for Cancer reseach groups are based on the ground floor of the building. Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe, FRS leads a group based in the building undergoing research in hypoxia. The other group in the unit are lead by Dr Chunxiao Song.

The Viral Immunology Unit, also situated on the 1st floor of the NDMRB, focuses on studying the immunity response to virus infection, facilitating the development of vaccination strategies, testing new HIV-1 immunogens and new viral vectors to be tested in clinical studies. The unit comprises the group of Professor Jane McKeating.

The Target Discovery Institute (TDI) situated on the 2nd floor is a major new collaborative research initiative led by Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe, FRS. Strategic investment through the Department and collaborative use of existing research resources from the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, the Department of Oncology, specifically the Radiation and Oncology Unit, the Oxford Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and the Structural Genomics Consortium enabled the Target Discovery Institute High Throughput Screening Facility (TDI HTS) to operate for two years before the institute was fully established in the new NDM Research Building. The TDI now encompasses several groups including Chemical BiologyProteomics and Mass Spectrometry and Medicinal Chemistry.